Welcome to Greenland Farms

The idea called Greenland Farms was germinated in 1995. An idea that wished to provide high quality fresh sweet corn to discerning food lovers; an idea that has grown into an institution today; an idea that has institutionalized itself as one of South India’s leading agri-business companies.

Unlike many others, we grow our corns ourselves; on more than 250 acres of land in Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Not just that, we also process them and distribute them diligently – all by ourselves. We understand too many cooks spoil the broth. Reason why we control the entire supply chain – from farm to your family. Now you know why our corn is forever farm fresh when you pick it in your corner store. This is one of the many commitments we have made to ourselves.

You see, we really like you to relish corn as it should always be: scintillatingly soft, tantalizingly tasty and joyfully juicy. That’s why we ensure a continuous supply of corn to retail outlets on a daily basis.

We sell corn in three varying formats: Fresh corn cobs, Processed corn kernels and through Vending kiosks.

We also admit we do a few things behind your back! Like our untold investment and unending commitment to Research & Development – to constantly find ways to grow better corn, to improve its shelf life and to offer a rich experience to the discerning consumer – you. Count this as our commitment number two.